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kidlit cookies 3.0

I’m not sure I will ever get bored of making cookies based on beloved kids’ characters.  Yes, I have been making these a lot lately.  See here and here.  Oh, and here.  Also these.  And then there’s these that I never blogged about.  I just can’t turn down a request to make character cookies.  Read more…


mouse cookie cookie

My amazing niece, Mari, will be celebrating her third birthday next month.  She LOVES animals, especially mice.  Her favorite mouse is Mouse Cookie. I cannot wait to see her face when she sees Mouse Cookie on a cookie.

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kidlit cookies 2.0

Four and a half years ago, I created my first kidlit cookies.  At the time, I was really proud of them.  I am back again– four and a half years better.  I now have more practice, fancier cookie tools, and a much better royal icing recipe.   Read more…