hometown, busytown

This week I am making my annual summer visit to my home state, New Hampshire.  I love New Hampshire in the summer.  When I think back on my childhood, what I remember is beautiful, long summers (I tend to block out the even longer–and much more painful–New Hampshire winters.)

While I am exited to visit the lake, swim in the pool, and relax on my mom’s back porch, I am most looking forward to visiting with my niece and nephew from California.  They love Busytown. And I love them.  And you know what that means: Busytown cookies.

Two Thanksgivings ago (two years ago on Thanksgiving) I made my first attempt at character cookies with these Goldbug cookies for my nephew.  I have had a bit more practice since then and I think these are a significant improvement.  I can’t wait to share them with my little loves.

Busytown characters cookies

Goldbug cookie

Richard Scarry Huckle cookie

Huckle and Sally cookies

Busytown cookies

Lowly worm cookie


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