kidlit cookies 2.0

Four and a half years ago, I created my first kidlit cookies.  At the time, I was really proud of them.  I am back again– four and a half years better.  I now have more practice, fancier cookie tools, and a much better royal icing recipe.  

When I made the first set, the smallest icing tip I owned was a Wilton 1, making small details difficult, if not impossible (for this new set, I used PME 0 and parchment cones.)   In 2012, I was also too intimidated to try to hand-cut all of the shapes, so I piped all of the drawings on circles.  I still love the first set– at the time it was the most ambitious cookie project I had ever tried.  But I have to say, I like these a lot more 🙂


I am still trying to find the perfect sparkly sprinkles for Rainbow Fish.  I used edible glitter on these, which is nice, but it isn’t the perfect.  I think I need something more like edible sequins.

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