DSC_2030 When I was an impoverished graduate student, I decided to bake cookies for holiday gifts.  That first batch wasn’t pretty, but they made a lot of people smile.  I haven’t stopped baking since.

At the time, I owned a biscuit cutter, a hand-me-down cookie sheet, and an $8 hand mixer.  I used canned buttercream frosting and store-bought tubes of icing.  I learned by trial and error (and by reading other people’s cookie blogs.) Over the years, I have learned lots of new tricks, acquired lots of new tools, and stumbled upon fantastic new (and old) recipes.

When I am not baking cookies in my Washington, DC kitchen,  I am a pollster, author, and home renovation weekend warrior.  Learn more at ericaseifert.com



  1. Anonymous

    Wow! These are really impressive. Quite the artist! and baker!


  2. Jaime Goldberg

    Hi these are so great! Do you sell them? If so I would love to purchase some of the busy town cookies for my sons 3rd. birthday! thanks!!!!!!


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