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I love the smell of gingerbread.  Gingerbread in the oven fills my kitchen with Christmasy happiness.  After the warm gingerbread-scented air subsides, I sniff the cookies.  I’m not proud… but it is soooo good.  Read more…


mouse cookie cookie

My amazing niece, Mari, will be celebrating her third birthday next month.  She LOVES animals, especially mice.  Her favorite mouse is Mouse Cookie. I cannot wait to see her face when she sees Mouse Cookie on a cookie.

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’tis the season

‘Tis the season for spring training… and also, apparently, basketball.  My baseball-loving nephew discovered basketball this winter.  Like his love of kayaking, baseball, and skiing (Nordic and Alpine), he comes by his new sport honestly. Read more…


(almost) birthday boy!

I am in Tahoe this week visiting my favorite kids (and escaping the oppressive humidity in Washington, DC).  I won’t be back before my nephew’s 5th birthday next month, so I brought him an early birthday treat. Read more…


hometown, busytown

This week I am making my annual summer visit to my home state, New Hampshire.  I love New Hampshire in the summer.  When I think back on my childhood, what I remember is beautiful, long summers (I tend to block out the even longer–and much more painful–New Hampshire winters.) Read more…



In my world, August is the best month of the year.  Because this is not a national election year, it is suddenly very quiet in DC.  Congress has left town, work has slowed down, and half the office is on vacation.  My colleague, Laura, can’t stop exclaiming, “I  love August!”  I agree.  August is amazing. Read more…