kidlit cookies 3.0

I’m not sure I will ever get bored of making cookies based on beloved kids’ characters.  Yes, I have been making these a lot lately.  See here and here.  Oh, and here.  Also these.  And then there’s these that I never blogged about.  I just can’t turn down a request to make character cookies. 

Of all the character cookie sets I have made, these are definitely my favorite.  Well, one of my favorites.

The great thing about making similar cookies multiple times is that I learn from each set.  This summer, I started experimenting with adding painted details on character cookies. I learned a great deal through trial and error.  Painting is not a substitute for piping (piping helps to create dimensionality) but nor is piping a good substitute for painting (painting adds a great deal in the way of texture and detail.)  Combining both painted and piped details has really improved the quality of these cookies.

Don’t tell the others, but Paddington is totally my favorite.


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