Paw Patrol (Again)

When my son asked for Paw Patrol cookies for his birthday, I showed him my previous blog post on this topic. Reading it now is hilarious. Paw Patrol has been part of my life for 5ish months now, and it’s hard to remember a time when I didn’t know all of the pups’ names. Or a time when the Paw Patrol theme song wasn’t stuck in my head. But there is the evidence. When I made those cookies, I was totally unaware of the Paw Patrol.

I wrote that I didn’t know the names of the characters so “I named the yellow one Bruce.” Obviously the “yellow one” is Rubble. And I know that now. I also now know that “no job is too big; no pup is too small.” And I get to know this a few times a week because my son is seriously into this show. Lucky me.

Subject aside, it is fun to go back a few years later and make another set. When I did the first ones, I realized that I had complicated the job by including more than just their faces. I did not make that mistake this time. So… hopefully for the last time… I present the Paw Patrol. In cookie form.

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