Covid Cookie Dump

One of the great things about having a toddler is that I am now able to share my hobbies with him in a way that I could not when he was a baby- and it is so much fun. We do have a little disagreement about what happens when we are done baking, however- he likes to eat the cookies; I like to take pictures of them. While I now have more time to bake cookies, I also have less time to photograph them before they are eaten by my sugar-crazy 3 year old.

As you can imagine, I also have less time to sit down to write a blog post. Once the sugar kicks in, there is no way Charlie is going to let me sit down to write about the cookies he just ate. Suddenly it’s Spring and I haven’t posted any of the cookies we have made this year. So I am doing a blog dump of all of the cookies we have made since Christmas. As you will see, my sweet boy’s cookies are also now featured here.

In all of our end-of-December ditch 2020 enthusiasm, we made New Year’s cookies for the first time. I’m never a big on New Year celebrations, but we were really ready to be done with 2020. Less than a week later, we were hit in the face with the insurrection at the Capitol and our enthusiasm for 2021 quickly crumbled. But back in December, we were very excited and we made these cookies to celebrate. Charlie opted to make his look like confetti using his piping skills and a LOT of sprinkles- I think they turned out really well.

In February, we made Snow White cookies for our friend’s 6th birthday party. They were meant to look like Snow White in the mirror. I airbrushed shimmer pearl on the oval behind her face to make it shine, but it didn’t really come through. However, the gold airbrush on the mirror frame was pretty sparkly.

The sparkle comes through better at an angle:

Finally, we made Valentines cookies. Charlie opted for an abstract look to his; I went with lace.

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