Paw Patrol!

A month ago, I knew nothing about Paw Patrol.  It is apparently a very big deal for kids of a certain age (and their parents.)  A friend asked me to make Paw Patrol cookies for her daughter’s 3d birthday.  Of course, I could not resist (she is a seriously great kid and her parents aren’t bad either.)  When word got around that I was making these cookies, I was suddenly in the middle of a lot of Paw Patrol conversations.  

My son is just 8 months old, so Paw Patrol is just not in my orbit, but once you start paying attention to it, you realize it is everywhere and everyone you know knows about it.

I still know almost nothing about Paw Patrol except that I can now spot the characters from very far away. I named the puppies as I was making these cookies.  I assume they have their own names, but I got a little attached to them when I was making them, so I named them myself.  I named the yellow one “Bruce” and the blue one “Joe” and the green one “Nate.”  I call the Dalmation “Charlie” because I think he looks like my son.



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  1. […] my son asked for Paw Patrol cookies for his birthday, I showed him my previous blog post on this topic. Reading it now is hilarious. Paw Patrol has been part of my life for 5ish months […]


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