mischief managed

This was my FIRST request for Harry Potter cookies! I was introduced to Potter last year- I made it through all of the books over the pandemic summer- and I got pretty hooked. So when my niece requested these for her 8th birthday, I was VERY excited. As an added bonus my toddler calls them “Hairy Pottery” cookies, which is very funny.

To be honest, these cookies were pretty dull- and probably headed for the reject pile- before I added the gold luster dust. Luster dust is a powder that you mix with alcohol to create a shiny painted surface on the icing. The 24K gold (yes, really) makes a big difference in putting these cookies over the top. The only other trick I used on these cookies was to create a parchment effect with the airbrush, similar to these cookies from 2015.

These cookies are all circles because they must be shipped to California, and I have learned that stacked circles are the safest option for shipping. Next time (I hope there’s a next time!) I think I will use more shapes to make the set more dynamic and to showcase more of the characters and scenes in the books.

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