Baby’s First Bunnies

I had too many encounters with scary mall Easter Bunnies as a child and as a result, I do not love Easter.  But my 7-year old nephew loves Easter.  He loves the Easter Bunny, he loves dying eggs, he loves Easter candy– he enjoys all the secular Easter traditions.  Now that I have a child, I’m going to give the Easter Bunny another chance.

In that spirit, I plan to give Charlie a super fun first Easter (one that he will most certainly not remember.) I have had bunny face and carrot cookie cutters in my collection for several years, but I have never used them.  In honor of Charlie’s first Easter, I dusted them off.  They are simple, cute, and so easy!

Carrot tutorial:

For this, you will need a carrot cookie cutter, orange 15 count icing, and very stiff green icing.  In between each step, allow the icing to dry at least 20 minutes.

For the bunny cookies, you will need a bunny head cookie cutter, 15 count white icing, 15 count pink icing, and a black or grey food marker. In between each step, allow the icing to dry for at least 20 minutes.  Before using the food marker, allow the cookie to dry at least 8 hours, or overnight.




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