make way for…

A few weeks ago, two of my favorite people in DC asked me to make cookies for their end of summer party.  The best part–“end of summer” was just a ruse.  They planned to announce their pregnancy and wanted to use cookies as part of their big announcement. What an honor!

They requested a gender-neutral color palette and suggested ducks (the gold standard in the gender neutral baby market).  I immediately went to Make Way for Ducklings.  It is perfect for two Boston-loving Harvard grads (and it is one of my favorites.)  I also wanted to steal the title for their announcement.

*I painted the characters with micro detail paint brushes. I wanted to keep the lettering sharp, so I used the fine tip of my two-sided food writer. I piped the quatrefoil and marching duck cookies with 15 count royal icing using PME round tips 0 and 1.

Make Way For Ducklings cookie








  1. Anonymous

    Your cookies get better and better. Love, Mommy


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