rainbows and unicorns

I made these cookies for a very special little girl’s fourth birthday.  Designing and decorating them was an absolute delight.  These are the cookies I wish someone had made for me for my fourth birthday.  Given the reaction by other little girls in my life, I have a feeling this will not be the last time I make rainbow and unicorn cookies this year.

These were not difficult to design.  I managed to borrow a rainbow cookie cutter from a 7-year-old friend of mine, which made the rainbows very straightforward.  I decided to keep the unicorns pretty simple and focus instead on the important bit: sparkle!

When the icing was dry, I airbrushed the unicorns with pink pearl shimmer airbrush color and the rainbows with silver pearl shimmer.  The challenge with adding sparkle airbrush to a finished cookie is that all of the flaws in the icing become more pronounced.  So instead of making intricate cookies, I tried to focus on keeping the lines crisp.  I did this by piping the outlines for each color individually, allowing the icing to dry completely, and then flooding each color with a slightly watered down icing.  I don’t usually take this extra step of using 2 different consistencies of icing, but it helped these cookies to have a clean effect.

Okay, enough about process.  We’re all just here for the sparkle and glitter.  Here they are:


Here you can see the unicorn cookies with and without the airbrush shimmer.  I added the airbrush color BEFORE the eyes, because the airbrush color prevents the black food marker from running.IMG_6532.jpeg


And I have included a template for the rainbow cookie, which works with the Wilton rainbow cookie cutter:


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