it’s not christmas without cookies.

With an 18 month old, it is getting harder and harder to make time for cookies.  My plan was to dramatically scale back on holiday baking this year.  It was a plan.  I was going to stick to it.  And then I realized that, for me, cookies are the whole point. My son is too young to enjoy– or even understand– Christmas.  He’s a little afraid of the tree in the living room.  He hasn’t noticed the stockings.  Next year, he will be the whole point.  But this year–while he’s still to young to get it– cookies are the whole point of Christmas.  It’s just not Christmas without cookies.

So, not only did I make cookies, but I made cookies like it was 2013.  125 cookies– done and decorated and wrapped–with 5 days to spare!  Let’s just not discuss how I baked and decorated 125 cookies with 5 days to spare…


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