dreaming of a green christmas

Last Spring, we planted new bushes in front of our house.  Since 2014, our front garden has been a sad and barren wasteland in Winter.  So when we chose our new plants, we selected mostly evergreens.  It has been a total revelation.  2016 was not the best year ever, but a little green in Winter helps a bit.  I made these cookies with that happiness in mind.

I am not showing off any flashy new designs this year, merely combining old patterns for an overall botanical effect.  For example, you might recognize this design from a tutorial I posted last year.


And this cookie is a new take on the Fall foliage cookies I made for Thanksgiving this year.


After several years of making fussy and complicated sweater-pattern cookies, I decided to keep it simple, clean, and easy this year.  There is beauty in simplicity, right?  I’m pregnant; my laziness is easily excused by my new 8:30 pm bedtime 🙂

In honor of evergreens, simplicity, laziness, and pregnancy, here is the first set of 2016 Christmas cookies!

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