In my world, August is the best month of the year.  Because this is not a national election year, it is suddenly very quiet in DC.  Congress has left town, work has slowed down, and half the office is on vacation.  My colleague, Laura, can’t stop exclaiming, “I  love August!”  I agree.  August is amazing.

This year, for the first time since we moved to DC, I plan to take a serious August vacation.  I will spend 90 percent of it working on the house (you can follow my progress here) BUT I will escape to New Hampshire for 4 days next week.

As much as I am looking forward to grouting, tiling, drywalling, and painting, I am really looking forward to my trip to New Hampshire.  While I’m home, I have two important birthdays to celebrate: the oldest member of my family (my grandmother, “Mum”) turned 87 last week.  The youngest member of my family (my brand new niece Mari) was born a few weeks ago.  Because neither Mum nor Mari uses the internet, I feel pretty confident that I can post these without spoiling the surprise.

Here are the cookies I am working on for Mum.  More to come…

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