black cats and Red Sox

My attention has been seriously divided between the World Series, home renovations, baking cookies in my new kitchen, and a pretty massive work load.  Sleep and Nate would love to make it onto that list.  Sorry, Nate.

Fortunately, I discovered that working while watching the Red Sox is good luck.  I have not run the data, but I’m pretty sure there’s causation.  Like any good Red Sox fan, I pay very close attention to how my actions affect the game.  For example, I was graphing data when Big Papi homered in game 1.  I had turned my attention away from work momentarily when things went south in game 2.  Causation.

It has not been so easy to balance the competing demands of baking and home renovations.  Working on the house has pretty consistently taken precedence since June. But now that holiday season is approaching, I may have to reconsider.  Really, we need cookies more than we need custom built-in bookcases… maybe.

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  1. Love them all but especially the mummies. 🙂


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