i love weddings.

Two of the kindest, smartest, fanciest, and most endearing people I know got married last weekend. Their wedding was the best possible combination of Jewish-meets-hippie-meets-hipster meets-foodie-meets-liberal DC.

Their vows included commitments to one another and to social justice; celebrants toasted the marriage at hand and marriage equality. The groom wore a yarmulke and the bride wore a fascinator. I’m fairly certain they broke glass at the end of the ceremony, but I also recall that the bride was barefoot hmmm…so perhaps I went too far in characterizing it as the “best possible combination.”

Less painfully, guests drank Pimm’s and mint julep from mason jars and feasted on a downhome highbrow spread.  There were three kinds of cake accompanied by ice cream sundaes.  The food was so good that Nate loved and regretted it all at the same time. We left with homemade pickles in mason jars and big smiles on our faces.

Here is a sampling of the cookies I made for them.  This was my first attempt at brush lettering on cookies.  In some ways I prefer piped lettering (this method is far more painstaking) but the brush allows much more small detail. The writing is not perfect, but I appreciate that the imperfections make the face of the letters look a little like they were typeset with a letterpress (as far as excuses go, that is a pretty classy one.)

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  1. […] and different shapes.  Most of these were liberated from prior Christmas or Easter cookies.  For some, I switched from painting to piping.  For others, I switched from piping to brush embroidery. […]


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