reuse, refresh, renew

I had planned to make a Valentine set based on the art of Roy Lichtenstein.  But last week, a colleague inspired me to do a bit of blog digging in the archives.  It was an interesting trip.  So, instead of pop art, I decided to make a whole set based on refreshing prior cookie designs.

Nearly all of these designs have been repackaged from previous cookie designs– but with new colors, new techniques, and different shapes.  Most of these were liberated from prior Christmas or Easter cookies.  For some, I switched from painting to piping.  For others, I switched from piping to brush embroidery.  Others are just piped much tighter (a simple matter of switching from a Wilton #2 tip to a PME #0 tip).  And in the spirit of spreading love, you can make them too!  I also refreshed some tutorial cookies from last spring.  Enjoy!


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