frozen Frozen birthday cookies

Every year, my friends’ daughter requests the cookie of the year.  She’s a 5 year old tastemaker.  Last year it was rainbows and unicorns.  Every little girl I know wanted those cookies.  This year it’s Frozen (ahem, Frozen II to be exact.)  

I have had a busy February so the Frozen cookies have been frozen in my freezer for over a week.  I love making cookies for this particular child, not only because I learn what cookies I’ll be making for all of the other little girls in my life, but also because she challenges me to try new things.  Last year it was glitter airbrushing.  This year it’s glitter airbrushing with stencils.

I’m not a stencil person, but my busy February required that I figure out a way to make seriously glam cookies on a serious time budget.  I decided to pull out the airbrush and get my stencil on.

I’m pretty pleased with the result.  First, I did the background for all of the cookies.  Then, I did purple glitter airbrush color with the stencils.  I piped snowflakes over half of the cookies and did another layer of airbrushed glitter.  Since I was pushed for time, I tried my hand at just a few characters.


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