cosy sweater pumpkins

Happy Quarantine Thanksgiving! This has been the strangest year. But I am thankful for the extra time at home with my son and I’m especially thankful that this is the 2020 pandemic and not the 1918 pandemic. We have FaceTime and online ordering and the ability to work from home. And since I’m not sharing cookies around a big Thanksgiving table this year, I’m thankful that I can share them virtually.

Since we all need a little bit of extra comfort this year, I dressed my pumpkins in Irish fisherman sweaters. I think the word I’m searching for is hygge. We all need more hygge right now and these cookies are especially hyggely.

These cookies are just a little bit of effort for a lot of wow.

Make a batch of 10 count royal icing (recipe here.) Divide the icing equally to make your colors. All of the colors shown have some amount of ivory food coloring in them. I use ivory to dull colors and to keep them from getting darker. The green shown here is a combo of Americolor avocado, forest green, electric green, egg yellow, and ivory. The white is white icing with 1 drop of ivory. The brown is Americolor chocolate brown, taupe, and ivory. The orange is Americolor orange and ivory.

First, outline your pumpkin with 3 oval/oblong shapes.

When the outline has dried, flood the two outer sides.

When the icing has mostly dried, flood the center.

Allow the base icing to completely dry before adding the sweater pattern.

The sweater pattern is pretty basic here. It is two outside lines and then pulled dots at angles through the center of the lines. You can add the knit pattern by piping dots and using a toothpick to pull them from the center. If you are more practiced, it is a simple movement with the icing bag- you pipe a dot and release pressure as you pull away from it.

Finally, add a stem to the top of the pumpkin. You can also decorate with leaves and vines.

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