cute quickie cookies

Need to make cute cookies in a hurry?  Or cookies simple enough to make with kids? Many of the cookies on this blog are time-consuming and complicated.  Some are very time-consuming.  But today I am sharing a set of cookies that I wouldn’t ordinarily post on the blog: quickie cookies. 

I am not above quickie cookies; I make them all the time.  I rarely share them because, while cute, there is usually nothing novel or creative about them.  But just because a cookie isn’t time-consuming doesn’t mean it can’t also be cute.  These cookies are a great example of how you can whip up something fun in a hurry.

When I first started baking, I discovered a trick that I often employ when I need to make quickies: adding eyes to almost any cookie makes it cute.  Even better, kids can master this technique.  For proof, I offer these pictures of my husband making cookies with little eyes (he is not a child, but baking with him is oddly similar to baking with kids).

Okay, here we go: cute quickie cookies 101.

Start with a fully cooled sugar cookie (the little flecks are whole wheat flour and cinnamon.)  Outline the stem with a food marker.


Outline and then flood the body of the pumpkin using 10-15 count royal icing:

When the orange icing has fully dried, outline and then flood the stem:

Add white dots for eyes (the beauty of this is that you can add them anywhere– they will look cute even if they are oddly placed on the pumpkin).


When the white icing has fully dried, add black dots for the pupils.  I like to use this step to add a little personality; the pumpkin can look sideways, upwards, downward, etc.


Finally, add little mouths in different shapes to finish out the look:


That’s it!  Done!  Quick, easy, and cute.

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