I have a new cookie toy!  My husband gave me an airbrush system for my birthday.  I spent the last two weeks playing with it and trying to figure it out.  I am definitely not good enough to post my own airbrush tutorial, but there is a great video here.

I am still learning to use the airbrush, but I am very pleased with all the cool new things I can do.  I have been using my halloween cookies as practice so some of these are a bit more polished than others (the pumpkins are definitely not as cool as I imagined– but I will try again next year.)

My favorite is this really neat scary face.  The details are white royal icing transfers airbrushed yellow and then orange around the edges.

Spooky halloween cookieHaunted house cookieEyes in the dark cookiewitch silhouette cookieairbrushed pumpkin cookiepumpkin cookiesmummy cookiesHalloween cookies


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