pollster by day and night

First, I have to thank my colleague Lester for giving me the title for this post.  In an email exchange timestamped 3 am, he questioned the legitimacy of “pollster by day.”  It is true;  lately I have been a pollster by day and night and those dark quiet hours in between. 

And with our househunt reaching a point of desperation, our weekends have been totally hijacked by open houses.

A few weeks ago, I was pretty sure there would be no Easter cookies this year.  But painting on cookies has completely changed my world.  Making and coloring icing takes a lot of time–by the time I finish work and mix up a batch of piping icing, it’s past Nate’s bedtime.  And now I am totally liberated.  I can sit down with food coloring and tiny brushes and paint for 15-30 minutes.  Even better… there is very little cleanup involved.  It has made me very lazy, but it is also so great.

I made these cookies for my sister, who hosts Easter dinner at her house every year.  As a vegan atheist, it’s hard to get excited about a religious holiday best characterized by its near-obsessive focus on eggs. But Easter cookies are another thing altogether.  Easter cookies are fantastic for 2 reasons: 1. There are no standard Easter colors.  2. egg-shaped cookies are a nearly perfect little creative canvass.

Here’s the first set.  I have 10 more undecorated cookies waiting in the freezer…unless Nate finds them first…

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