Cute and easy s’mores

I’m a  camp girl.  I went to residential summer camp in New Hampshire from age 8 to age 21.  It’s my favorite place; I still go back for family camp every summer. Nearly every year, camp alumnae in the DC area gather for a camp reunion.  The theme this year was s’mores.  And while there were actual s’mores, I just had to add to the party with the sugar cookie version.

The challenge was that I didn’t have much time to make them and I didn’t have a s’mores cookie cutter like this one here.  Between a busy Fall at work and an always busy (and getting busier!) two-year old, I had just a few hours to pull these cookies together.  Nate thought I should try to make them s’mores flavored.  I was just happy to get them done.

These really were very easy.  I started by piping the white marshmallows.  While the white was drying, I mixed the tan icing for the graham crackers.  After I piped the graham crackers, I took the leftover tan, added some brown food color, and piped the chocolate.  Then, I used shimmer pink airbrush color to paint the cheeks and black airbrush color to paint the mouths.

Once all of the colors were dry, I airbrushed the marshmallow with ivory airbrush color and then piped the eyes (with black icing made from the leftover brown.)  I was able to let each color dry enough in between by keeping them in order and by doing my usual weekend chores in between.  White, washing machine, tan, dryer, brown, put Charlie down for a nap, etc.

They may not taste like s’mores, but I think they’re really cute.



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