Turkey time!

When I was pregnant people kept asking me if belly button had popped.  I kept repeating that it was not a turkey timer.  Eventually, we started calling the baby “turkey.”  It stuck.  He is almost 6 months old and we still call him Turkey.  Fast forward to Thanksgiving and the nickname has become hilarious.   On an up note, he has received lots of turkey-themed gifts this Fall and I was gifted a neat turkey cookie cutter.

Several years ago, I made turkey cookies using a daisy cookie cutter.  Now that I have a real turkey cookie cutter, I am posting a new tutorial.

I started by outlining my cookie cutter on graph paper and creating the basic shape for my turkey.  IMG_3799

I then drew the shape onto the blank cookie (minus the wing and feet, because, as you will see later, I decided to improvise those parts.)IMG_3803

Then I filled in the body, head, and beak.  I wanted the cookie to be smooth, so I did not wait for each color to dry before adding the next.

To make the feathers, I used very stiff royal icing and a leaf (e.g. Wilton 366) icing tip.  To make this stiff icing, mix 1/4 cu. meringue powder, ½ cu. water, and 4.5 cu. confectioner’s sugar.   Let it mix for around 10-15 mins on med-high until it forms solid peaks.  This icing will harden very quickly, so keep it covered when you are not using it.

To pipe the feathers, start with the last row and work towards the body of the turkey, laying each row over the previous row.

Next, add little wings using the same technique.


Finally, add feet…


And eyes…

And now you have happy little turkeys (the cookie kind, not the baby kind) for your Thanksgiving table!






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  1. Mary

    Hello, would you be interested in baking another batch of your Richard Scarry cookies for a Jan 1 birthday party (shipping to Massachusetts)? If so please email me at Mary@marydinino.com


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