gingerbread halloween

Maybe it’s just me, but this election year has been scarier and more haunting than the most bone-chilling Halloween ghouls.  It has been so dark and creepy that I’m opting for cute Halloween cookies this year.  I think I found the right mix of fun and adorable (and easy!) for this tutorial. 

Start with baked, cooled gingerbread cookies (you can also use chocolate sugar cookies.) I outlined my cookie cutter on graph paper and sketched a skeleton inside the shape.  I would not skip this step. It is trickier than it looks (you really notice how oddly-shaped the gingerbread man is when you are trying to draw bones in the short arms and wide head!)

Outline and flood the skull using 10-15 count royal icing.


Then add the spine, ribs, pelvis, arms, and legs.

Add hands, fingers, feet and toes.


Once the icing has dried completely, use a black thin tip food pen to draw teeth, cheeks, and a jaw on the skull.


That’s it!  Easy, cute, and fun!  AND less scary than the election…



Feeling adventurous?  Try making these adorable gingerbread mummies!

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