First Birthday!

My big, sweet, funny boy turns ONE on May 31.  It has been a busy, happy whirlwind of a year.  To celebrate, we are throwing an ocean-themed party for our big big guy.

Picking a theme for this party was funny because, aside from having favorite foods (all of the food), my sweet boy does not have any other favorite things. He loves to sweep the floor (really) but I’m not going to have a housecleaning party for him.  In retrospect, that sounds like a good idea, actually.

I picked sea life cookies because they are colorful, I knew I could pull it off and, most importantly, I already had the cookie cutters.  I have posted the pictures, as well as the graph paper drawings, which you can print and use as a template for your own cookies.

I hope our second year is as full and fun as the first.  Happy happy birthday, my love!



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