mixing bowl sunday

Superbowl Sunday is my day in our house.  It is the day when Nate goes off to watch football and I have the house to myself.  I cheerily bake Valentine cookies and snuggle in with Masterpiece.  It is one of my favorite days of the year.  

Next year… well, next year I will have an 8 month old baby under foot, so this might be my last paean to Super Bowl Sunday for a while.  I am making the most of it!

I started my Valentine cookies this year thinking about crossword puzzles and other word games.  I ended up with Scrabble pieces, and I think they look really cool.  I used the wood grain technique from these cookies to create the background (tutorial below) and finished out the set with designs based on antique lace and floral patterns.

To make the scrabble pieces, start with a fully iced and dried 1×1 square cookie and an assortment of brown gel food coloring (I used ivory, chocolate brown, taupe, and gold).


Paint the cookie with a mixture of these colors, keeping the color light.


Next, using a darker mixture of browns, add small knots randomly on the background and then paint imperfect lines around the knots.picture1

Finally, finish the wood grain by adding lines of different strengths and colors between the knotty lines, taking care to blend and streak the colors.


When the wood grain has fully dried, pipe the letter and point value on the cookie using black or dark grey 10-count royal icing.



Done!  Happy Super Mixing Bowl Sunday!  Here is the rest of the set:


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  1. Anonymous

    Scrabble!! Great choice! So fun… when are you coming to NH? Love, AED


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