easy airplane cookie tutorial

My sister recently asked me to bake cookies for an airshow fundraiser event.  I agreed, not only because I love my sister (I do!) but also because it was a good excuse to make fun airplane cookies.  Because this was a large quantity request, I decided to keep the designs relatively simple.

The simplicity of the designs also offers the perfect opportunity to share novice and beginner level tutorials. The first tutorial below is very easy (novice level).  The second is just a tad more advanced (beginner level).  Neither design requires special tools.  I used  10 count royal icing colored with gel food coloring.  I piped all of the designs with a Wilton #1 decorator tip, which you can find in most craft stores.


I started in the usual way, with a sketch on graph paper:


You could easily put this design on a circle, square, or rectangle cookie.  Because the design is so simple, I opted for a more interesting plaque shape.

Start by outlining and then flooding the cookie:


Allow the base icing to dry completely (4-12 hours) then pipe body of the airplane in the center of the cookie…


…and add propellers:


Wait until the body of the airplane has settled (at least 1 hour).  Then, add wings and a dot on top of the propellers:


Finish  by adding a simple border around the edge of the cookie:


If you are feeling more adventurous, try the BEGINNER AIRPLANE DESIGN:

Start by outlining and flooding the cookie:

Immediately pipe white clouds on top of the base icing.  You must work quickly because you do not want the icing to harden at all.  The clouds do not have to be perfect, as you will adjust them in the next step.


While the icing is still wet, swirl the clouds with a toothpick.

Allow the base to dry completely (4-12 hours). Then, outline and flood the base of the airplane, the propeller, and the wheels:

Allow the body of the airplane to set (at least one hour) and then pipe the supports and wings.

Finish with a simple border around the edge of the cookie:


Here are the fabulous airplane cookies hanging out with their high-flying cookie friends waiting for the airshow fundraiser!

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