baking season!

A few days before Halloween, Nate declared the 2015 baking season officially open.  At my house, “baking season” means that cookie-ing goes from a monthly thing to a daily thing.  It consumes my kitchen, my dining room, and most of my spare time.  To celebrate baking season (and Thanksgiving!) I made pie cookies: COOKIES THAT LOOK LIKE PIE.

Remember that mystery cookie cutter I found last spring?  I still haven’t figured out what it is, but it has become very handy.  I noticed that the bottom (or top?) of it looks a lot like a pie dish.  I combined the bottom of that cookie cutter with the top of a cupcake cookie cutter to create a pie cookie shape.


Once you have created the Frankenstein shape, fill in the top of the pie with red icing.  When the red icing has hardened, outline the pie dish with blue icing.


Then flood the blue icing.  While the blue is still wet, add white dots to make it look like an old fashioned blue and white enamel pie dish.


Once the blue and white icing has dried, begin outlining the top.  Start by outlining around the top of the pie with dark ivory icing.  Then create three teardrop holes at the top of the pie:


Then flood the top of the pie:


And create a simple border around the bottom to look like the edge of the crust:


Done!  Happy baking season!

IMG_0061 IMG_1320 IMG_1324 IMG_1326 IMG_1329 IMG_1331

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