’tis (almost) the season

I got a jump start on holiday cookies this year.  Last weekend, I started to make Thanksgiving cookies.  I cut out a bunch of circles, intending to revisit the pie cookies I made last year.   But as I was looking down at all the naked blank circles, I decided they needed sweaters instead.  I jumped right in and knocked off my first 25 holiday cookies of 2014.  They are a bit of a throwback to last year’s nordic patterns, with a few twists and updates (as well as a few deer shapes thrown in.)  It is still early.  There is much much more to come.

IMG_2349IMG_2332IMG_2339IMG_2343IMG_2346 IMG_2333IMG_2330IMG_2331IMG_2328


  1. Did you seriously do the artwork on all of those cookies???????


  2. Yes! Next week I will post a tutorial. They are easier than you think!


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