panda birthday

On New Year’s Eve, I resolved to make fewer cookies in 2014.  I blew it on day two.  It’s not that I don’t love cookie-ing; I’m just worried that it has become my thing.  As in the thing I do.  

Seeing as I couldn’t not make cookies for a whole week, it probably actually is my thing and resistance is pointless.  And if I’m going to do my thing, I want to do it well.  New resolution: make good cookies in 2014.

My colleagues gave me an opportunity to do my cookie thing this week.  The staff threw a panda-theme birthday party for our crazy, wonderful, should-be-in-a-sitcom Managing Director.  Pandas are her thing.  My task was to make cookies (obviously; it is my thing.)


I decided almost immediately that I wanted to incorporate bamboo.  Black and white is a bit monotonous and green gives them a good punch of color.  I used food coloring to paint bamboo onto the cookies.  Here’s a brief tutorial:

Step 1: space the lines.  You can do this with a ruler or with your eyeballs.  Mark a dot in the middle of the cookie and two dots halfway between the center dot and the edge of the cookie.

Step 2: paint the lines.  These lines are ~1 inch long.  Paint the lines a little thicker at the ends, leaving a small space between them.  They do not have to be perfect.  It is bamboo.

Step 3: paint branches.  Alternating sides, paint branches originating at the spaces between the lines.  In the middle of each branch, paint another branch.  Again, they don’t have to be perfect.

Step 4: fill in with leaves.



  1. Your thing should be making this look deceptively easy. Nobody can do what you do!


  2. Love these! You are so talented!

    P.S. Can we just open a bakery together or something. 🙂


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