home renovations and cookie decorations

I had a very busy weekend.  I finished my Christmas cookies AND we completed the living room renovation.  I am feeling super crafty and handy right now.  I am also feeling tired, so I will keep this short.  Merry everything, everyone!

First, a few house pictures (you can see all of our hard work here.)

And now, a hodgepodge of Christmas cookies.  I never did find my holiday style this year.  Instead, a little of everything– vintage designs, sweater patterns, birds, and more:


  1. […] off my first 25 holiday cookies of 2014.  They are a bit of a throwback to last year’s nordic patterns, with a few twists and updates (as well as a few deer shapes thrown in.)  It is still early. […]


  2. […] try to pace my posts this time of year, but inevitably, I end up doing a Christmas Eve blog dump.  I made a lot of new designs this year and a lot of well-worn classics (it’s hard to do […]


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