pie cookies

Because we need to work on the house, Nate and I will spend Thanksgiving at home in DC.  When we started working on the house back in June, we thought all of the work would be completed by August.  We did not know much about fixing houses in June.

But now we are legitimately behind schedule.  Some of this is the result of unavoidable distractions– we have both been traveling for work more often than usual.  But some of it is the result of totally avoidable distractions.  Nate discovered Breaking Bad on Netflix (a major setback) and I added a very long list of projects to the already challenging scope of work.  Now, at the end of November, we have completed just one (of four) bathrooms and have started neither the built-in bookshelves nor the fireplace renovation.  With election year approaching, we need to get our hustle on while my schedule reasonably allows it.  (You can follow our progress here.)

As punishment, we will spend Thanksgiving at home working on our home.  BUT, it is not Thanksgiving without pie.  While I am sure Nate could finish off a whole pie or two by himself over the long weekend, I hate to put such a challenge on him.  Pie cookies are another story.  He could easily eat  a batch of pie cookies in a few days.

These cookies were a lot harder than I imagined when I was decorating them in my head last night.  In my brain, these cookies were really cute and very easy.  Sadly, the apple pie cookie did not turn out at all.  At one point, even Nate (who is usually very supportive) told me there was no shame in relegating all of the cookies to the mess up pile.  Tip: this is a project probably better suited for fondant than royal icing.


  1. Anonymous

    I think you have a promising future in the food service industry.


  2. Anonymous

    Scott showed me how to find your blog. It was nice talking to you, Stan


  3. Uncle scott

    I will take two dozen pumpkin pie cookies. It's nice to see women taking on traditional roles again! Good for you , young lady”

    Signed Scott


  4. Grumpy

    Scott said I have to fess up. It was me, and I'll still take two dozen.


  5. Anonymous

    Love those cookies, Ican almost smell them. Love, Mommh


  6. […] I started to make Thanksgiving cookies.  I cut out a bunch of circles, intending to revisit the pie cookies I made last year.   But as I was looking down at all the naked blank circles, I decided they […]


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