june is busting out all over

It is wedding/engagement season.  Three years ago at this time, I was desperately trying to discern the difference between ivory and off-white table linens. As I could not choose (or see the difference), my brother (a man of great  wisdom, taste, and refinement)  noted that my ivory dress might blend in with the table linens, leading to all sorts of embarrassing faux pas should my guests mistake me for a table. We went with off-white and (thankfully) no one tried to eat off of me.  As it turned out, our wedding was wonderful and it had nothing to do with table linens.

Not to make light of the very difficult linen-related decisions brides and grooms across the country are making right now, but I do love wedding season.  So I was very happy when a former colleague requested cookies for an engagement party.  She gave me all the basics and, not knowing the couple, I exercised absolutely no creativity: the colors are navy, orange, and green.  The couple is from California.  When they are married, their last name will begin with the letter G.  Done.

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