state of the kitchen address

The state of my kitchen is strong, thanks to my perfect husband who spent all weekend cleaning up after my red icing mess.  I love working with royal icing, but I think we might need to upgrade from a sponge to a paint scraper.  
The mess in my kitchen would suggest significant progress on the cookies.  Alas, just two days before V-Day, the cookies are only half done.  As I am in Denver for State of the Union dial groups (check out the results later tonight at the rest of the cookies will remain unfinished until tomorrow.  

As for the State of the Union, I expect the President’s emphasis on climate change, withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, and tackling immigration reform will receive a warm welcome among these swing voters in Denver.  Even more importantly, the President should talk about good jobs (not just jobs.)  He should focus on creating a long term economy structured to support and grow good and secure jobs for working people.  Recent research by Rutgers shows that “those who were laid off during the recession and fortunate enough to find new employment are generally settling for less in their  new positions…Nearly  half (48%) say their current job is a step  down from the one they held before the  recession hit. A majority (54%) report lower  pay in their new job compared to the job  they held before being laid off…Among those  reporting lower pay in their new job, a full  third say their pay has been cut by more than  30% compared to the job they held when the  recession hit.”  This is a big deal, particularly when we are looking at a generation of new college graduates who have fewer opportunities (and much much much more debt) than their parents.

But far more consequential to the future of our great nation, the state of my kitchen is strong.  Here is the progress I did make (and a big thanks to Nate for cleaning up after me.  I love you.)

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