surveys, focus groups, and wedding cakes

We are leaving for vacation next week.  But first… a wedding, focus groups, and a major national survey.

The groups and survey were fascinating.  There is strong evidence that voters link Romney personally to an economy that works only for the very wealthy.  In focus groups, the most potent and memorable facts are all about Romney’s ability to create personal, rather than national wealth.  Americans are not anti-capitalist, but they find it increasingly difficult to believe the argument that supply-side economics creates broadly-shared prosperity.  The focus groups really surprised us for another reason.  We tested a series of policies and messages around programs to support the working poor.  We thought we would get the usual pushback against “handouts.”  But not only do Americans strongly support programs to support the working poor, they are willing to punish Mitt Romney for his inability to understand poverty.  My hard work is posted online here.

While all of this was happening, our friends Kate and Mark were preparing for their big day.  I hope they don’t wait too long to open their gifts, because at least one of them is perishable…

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